Strange And Funny Airport Names

Batman Airport (BAL / LTCJ), Turkey

Batman Airport is an airport located in south-east part of Turkey. The airport is named after the nearby town.

Batman Airport - BAL / LTCJ
Batman Airport – BAL / LTCJ (photo source

Asbestos Hill Airport (YAF), Canada

Canadian Asbestos Hill Airport is located in Quebec. Don’t worry it’s not hazardous.

Asbestos Hill Airport

Useless Loop Airport (USL / YUSL), Australia

The airport with this funny name is located near the town Useless Loop in Western Australia. Pay no attention to the name. Airplanes take off and land perfectly normal.

Useless Loop Airport (USL / YUSL), Australia

Mafia Airport (MFA / HTMA), Tanzania

Airport isn’t owned or operated by mafia. Airport is only named after Mafia Island in Tanzania where it is located.

Mafia Airport (MFA / HTMA), Tanzania
Mafia Airport (photo source Wikipedia – Tiger8)

Robin Hood (DSA / EGCN), England

One of two airports named after the most famous protector of poor. Robin Hood Airport in England isn’t located in Sherwood but near cities Doncaster and Sheffield. The second Robin Hood airport is located in Australia.

Robin Hood (DSA / EGCN), England
Robin Hood Airport (photo source Wikipedia – User:Dbertman)

Flamingo International Airport (BON / TNCB), Netherlands Antilles

Airport is located at Kralendijk, Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles). It’s not only named Flamingo, but also all of its buildings are painted in pink.

Flamingo International Airport (BON / TNCB), Netherlands
Flamingo Airport (photo source

Alert Airport (YLT / CYLT), Canada

Name of this airport can cause confusion and anxiety to some people who are afraid of flying. Alert airport is located in the northernmost inhabited city in the world.

Alert Airport (YLT / CYLT), Canada
Alert (photosource

Deadhorse Airport (SCC / PASC), USA

Deadhorse in Alaska is the only dead horse that can help you go wherever you want.

Deadhorse Airport (SCC / PASC)
Deadhorse Airport (photo source Deadhorse Aviation Center (DAC))

Wee Waa Airport (WEW / YWWA), Australia

Wee Waa town is located in northwest Australia. Imagine landing on this airport that starts with “Weeee”
Wee Waa Airport (WEW / YWWA), Australia

Big Trout Lake Airport (YTL / CYTL), Canada

Big Trout airport is in Ontario, Canada. Placed on the sore of the same named lake it can be a great place for pilots who also like fishing.

Big Trout Lake Airport (YTL / CYTL), Canada
photo source
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